JOHN POCOCK - welcome to my website
Although I use a variety of media, most of my paintings are in Acrylics. I paint mainly in my studio at home making use of photographs I have taken relating to the subject matter, as a guide. I am happy to paint any subject and really have no preference. I like variety and am willing to try anything, from portraits of people and animals, to still life and land/sea-scapes, always with the emphasis on true representation, with lots of light and colour.

My work gives me much pleasure and satisfaction. I have never had a desire to benefit financially from it and, after I discovered that people were happy to pay for my paintings, I decided that I would donate all sale proceeds to charitable causes.

The following pages of my website will show a few of the most recent paintings, which are all available for sale, and a few examples of paintings sold over the last year or two, which will illustrate the general style and the wide variation in subject matter,